High quality hurricane window protection including clear shield storm panels to provide a strong and affordable alternative to hurricane shutters florida and are the most popular type of hurricane window protection.

ArmorPanel™ is a State of Florida Building Commission Approved hurricane protection solution designed specifically with ballistic components to create a flexible, light weight yet rugged, copolymer hurricane panel system that provides the same protection offered steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate hurricane panels.

Our DuPont KEVLAR® reinforced hurricane panel system represents a significant advancement in storm protection and has undergone and passed all of the same rigid State of Florida Building Commission testing requirements of steel, aluminum and polycarbonate hurricane panels.

Light transmitting, light weight yet rugged, all Solara Industries. ArmorPanel™ hurricane panels feature DuPont KEVLARr and offer the finest in protection that is affordable, easy to install, easy to store and easy to deploy. It is truly a remarkable advancement in hurricane protection panel technology.




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17 ways how ArmorPanel™ Soft Sided

Hurricane Panels BENEFIT your home!

  • DuPont KEVLAR® Reinforced Soft-Sided Hurricane Panel
  • Underwriters Lab Quality Assurance Program
  • Florida Building Code State Wide Approval Number Fl 13505
  • Same protection as 'hard shell' panels
  • Unique mounting systems can be used to address issues of egress.
  • Flame Retardant, UV Inhibitors and Anti Mold and Mildew Inhibitors Added
  • Attractive - No exterior housing or tracks as with aluminum or steel panels
  • Natural color is standard
  • Convenient - ArmorPanel™ panels may be rolled, laid flat or hung for compact, easy storage.
  • Ultra Lightweight - ArmorPanel™ panels weigh a fraction of steel or aluminum panels yet they still pass the same stringent State of Florida Building Commission test protocols for steel, aluminum and polycarbonate panels.
  • Quick to deploy and remove. The ArmorPanelT grommet and wingnut installation system allows homeowners to easily put up panels as a storm approaches.
  • Panels are translucent, allowing natural light into your home during a storm. This reduces reliance on candles, flashlights or a generator if power outages occur.
  • No special tools required - ArmorPanel™ panels attach to structure using grommets and wingnuts.
  • Easy to clean and corrosion resistant
  • Smooth safe edges
  • ArmorPanel™ provides an economical alternative to more expensive products and are well suited for larger openings such as lanai and sliding glass doors
  • Unlike steel, aluminum or polycarbonate panels, which only come in widths of 6' or 12', ArmorPanel™ comes up to 144" in width. Large openings can often be covered with a single light weight panel, reducing installation time and storage space.





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